Montefiascone Places & Activities


This is a great opportunity to meet many people, both local and those whom you meet on the course. It is a great time also to meet old friends in the field of Conservation and non-Conservators, as well as to make new friends, all in a stress free and relaxing environment that does not represent the usual hustle and bustle of our busy working lives. Many of those who participate either on the courses or as library workers have left Montefiascone with the fondest of memories. Now it’s your turn to gain such a valuable and possibly life changing experience.

The time for lunch is usually agreed with your course tutor. From this point you can take a bus from the bottom of the Corso to the lake (Bolsena), which takes about 10 minutes. The lake is one of the largest fresh water lakes in Italy surrounded by many lovely little towns including Capodimonte (not the same as the porcelaine), the town of Bolsena, village of Marta, and the lake islands Bisentina and Martana. Food is available in all these places, so you will not have an opportunity to starve!

If you do not like swimming then you can spend the afternoon walking around the town of Montefiascone and sit in the lovely squares and small park areas The loveliest is probably the Rocca dei Papi at the top of the hill, with it’s lush park land and monastic ruins. There are also various churches you can visit, such as the famous and probably oldest church in the area, San Flaviano.

The Wine Festival usually happens around the time you will be on the course, beginning in August. This is a great opportunity to meet the locals and taste the wonderful wines of the region, including Montefiscone’s own infamous wine EST! EST! EST!. Many events, including evening song and musical concerts happen throughout this festival period. You will also learn a great deal about the history of the regions wines especially the famous story of EST! EST! EST!, as well as find out more about the history of the town and it’s people.

You will have a fantastic time both on the courses and from experiencing the local life of Montefiascone and it’s surrounding towns. Weekends are free and if you manage to participate in the whole of the month, the central location of Montefiascone allows you to arrange many fantastic weekend trips all over Italy.