Travel and Accommodation



You can travel by bus using the site below for information, though the site may not be very easy to use.


A car is handy but not essential and can be booked at all the airports.

From Leonardo da Vinci airport or Ciampino airport

Head for the ring road (raccordo annulare) and then follow signs towards the A1 (autostrada 1) north (direction Orte, Sienna, Florence). Get onto the A1 autostrada and head north until you arrive at Orte. This is a toll road and you need about 5 euros. Exit the autostrada and head for Viterbo. Exit at the point marked for direction Siena. This road takes you to the bottom of Montefiascone. Head for the town centre and Il Caffe.


You can book a taxi to take you from the airport to Montefiascone through Daniele. Daniele will pick people up from the airport, and do other excursions around Montefiascone. His number is: +3933283620989


You can check train times on the net. The sites for the Italian railways are:

You must type in the station you leave from e.g.

Roma Termini, or Fiumicino Aeroporto if you are getting the train direct from the airport.

From Ciampino airport

From the front of the terminal take the bus going to Termini (this is the central station in Rome). From here you need to buy your ticket to Viterbo and then proceed as for Leonardo da Vinci above, or else look for a train going to Viterbo via Montefiascone, these are infrequent. Also, Montefiascone station is sometimes called Zepponami. There is a bus from immediately outside the station into the town.

You will be let off at Piazzale Roma. From here you need to walk up a rather steep hill (Via Corso Cavour) to the main square, where you will see a fountain. Il Caffe is here.

From Leonardo da Vinci airport

The trains go from within the terminals, just follow the signs. The staff at the railway counter speak English.

Buy your ticket to Viterbo and catch any train going via Ostiense. Make sure that you validate your ticket before getting onto any train in Italy or you will be fined. You can do this by inserting it into the yellow metal boxes on the platform.

Change at Ostiense station onto any train going via Viterbo, which is about 90 kilometers north of Rome. The journey lasts about one and a half hours. There are two stops at Viterbo. Do not get off at the first (Porta Romana) but do get off at the second (Porta Fiorentina).

Look for a bus to Montefiascone immediately outside the station. From here, follow the same directions above when reaching Piazzale Roma.

Trains also go to Montefiascone, changing at Roma Tiburtina (or via Trastavere and Viterbo Porta Fiorentina). The station is approximately a 40-60 minute walk uphill from the station. The starting station is actually Fiumicino Aeroporto (not Rome/Roma as many would think). Buses do go from the station, but are infrequent and do not run on Sundays.


Though we have some recommendations, it would be advised you investigate your options in regard to accommodation before booking a place on the course.

Hotel Altavilla is one option, but we would recommend Hotel Urbano V as it offers both wi-fi and air-conditioning. Please visit their websites or contact them for further information about facilities.

Make sure that those on site have some idea of when you will be arriving, by contacting Cheryl in advance. This is for security and also to make sure there is someone to help you when you arrive.

Head for Il Caffe at the centre of town and you will be met there.

The town of Montefiascone is not too large and the people are friendly, so don’t panic thinking that you will be wandering for hours.