Previous Courses and Tutors


Re-creating the medieval Palette

Cheryl Porter

Multi-quire, wooden boarded codex from Egypt

Pamela Spitzmueller

Late 18th century French Binding Structures

Jeff Peachey

Ethiopian Bindings Workshop

John Mumford / Caroline Checkley-Scott

Book handling and refurbishing

Cheryl Porter

Medieval colours

Cheryl Porter

Pigments and their use in manuscripts

Cheryl Porter

Bugs, insects and unwanted guests

Caroline Checkley

Mould – identification and treatment

David Parker

Bibliography in a medieval library

Nicolas Barker

Conservation of prints and drawings

Louise Drover and Jane Hinwood

Working with large scale objects

Jean Brown

Materials for conservation

Graham Gardiner

Materials for preservation

Graham Gardiner

Folders, phase boxes, book shoes

Graham Gardiner

Limp vellum bindings

Vendulka Cejchan

History of parchment making

Leandro Gotscher

Photographic identification, Conservation and storage

David Parker

Cataloguing a medieval library

Julie Simpson

Preservation of historic libraries

Nicolas Barker

Introduction to bookbinding

Sarah Bunn

Parchment: history, features and new techniques for repair

Tony Cains

Pasteboard, pulpboard and 16th century bookbinding

Tony Cains

Recording the structure of the medieval book

Nicholas Hadgraft and Jim Bloxam

Byzantine and Islamic Bindings

Nicholas Hadgraft and Jim Bloxam

Archaeology of the Medieval Book

Nicholas Hadgraft and Jim Bloxam

The girdle book

Nicholas Hadgraft and Jim Bloxam

Origins of Byzantine book structures

John Sharpe

Packing and the oxygen-free environment

Stuart Welch

Environmental control in libraries and archives

Bob Childs

A miscellany of conservation techniques

Tony Cains

Atlas and maps: Techniques of structure and compensation

Pamela Spritzmuller